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From the dawn of human existence a variety of traditions and ceremonies have honored the life of a deceased loved one. These special acts provide a time of reflection and sharing as well as a time for celebration of life.

Heavenly Journeys is honored to offer a new 21st Century tradition of ceremony and celebration of life, the respectful and dignified flight of cremated remains into space. Following cremation, your loved one¹s ashes will travel into space in a specially designed memorial space flight urn. You may choose space burial where the ashes will be scattered across the heavens, or you may choose to have the cremated remains of your loved one returned safely to Earth. Whichever option you choose, the space flight urn is given to you as a lasting memorial of your loved one's journey into space. Space flight rockets will depart from the pristine desert Spaceport America in New Mexico where families are invited to view the rocket launch.

We trust you will find helpful information and answers about Heavenly Journeys on this website. The dispersal of ashes into space is a new venture in funeral services, and we understand that you will have many questions. We welcome communications from your funeral services provider or mortuary as well as your direct inquiries. Heavenly Journeys offers a variety of services and we look forward to assisting you in all arrangements. We promise to handle your loved one's remains with care and dignity. It is our goal to make this final journey into the heavens one of great meaning for you and your family.

Heavenly Journeys promises the highest quality space burial services to clients around the world. Quality, integrity, caring, and dedication to superior service are our company's hallmarks.

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