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Do the cremated remains really go into Space?

Yes. Space is internationally defined as any elevation greater than 100 kilometers (62 miles). Heavenly Journeys flights go into sub-orbital space above 100 kilometers. These flights are not orbital flights that go around the earth, but flights that go into space and return to Earth soon thereafter.

How do you disperse the ashes?

Heavenly Journeys has the unique capability in the memorial spaceflight industry to scatter ashes across the heavens. Heavenly Journeys has designed and tested a specialized space flight urn and dispersal system for this purpose.

Will my loved one’s remains fall to the ground?

Because Heavenly Journeys flights go into suborbital space, your loved ones cremated remains will eventually return to earth. However, due to the extreme elevation of dispersal, the cremated remains may stay aloft for weeks or even months.

How long will the space flight take?

Flights are usually completed in 30-45 minutes from rocket launch to rocketlanding. Due to the remote location of New Mexico's Spaceport America, the rocket recovery time will vary.

Where exactly is New Mexico's Spaceport America?

The New Mexico's Spaceport America is approximately 25 miles southeast of Truth or Consequences, NM and approximately 50 miles north of Las Cruces, NM. For safety reasons, it is a remote desert location adjacent to the White Sands Missile Range. It is a high desert environment of pristine beauty, more than 20 miles from any ‘civilization’.

Is there a possibility of failure of the rocket?

Yes, in any highly technical endeavor, there is always the chance of failure. Heavenly Journeys contracts only with highly reliable launch providers, and our personalized memorial space flight urn design has been tested for proper functioning.

What happens if the scheduled flight is delayed?

In the unlikely event of your loved one’s space flight being delayed due to weather or technical difficulties, you will be notified and your flight will be re-scheduled at the earliest convenience.

Can you provide a service tailored to my religious beliefs?

Yes. Heavenly Journeys can provide a memorial service customized to any religious beliefs.

I am not religious. Can you provide a secular service honoring my loved one?

Yes. We have trained events specialists who will work directly with you to arrange a specific, unique service that reflects the life adventure of your space traveler, including non-traditional events.


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