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To guarantee reliable launch services, we contract with leading private space transport companies. The cremated remains will journey into space in a personalized memorial space flight urn. This urn will be recovered after the flight and presented to you as a memorial of your loved one’s journey.

Included Services (All Flights):

  • Coordination with client and client’s local service providers (funeral professionals) to ensure safe, reliable, and respectful transportation of remains to Heavenly Journeys facilities in New Mexico
  • Preparation of cremated remains for space flight
  • Coordination and scheduling of space flight
  • Coordination and communication with client throughout the entire process from initial contact to launch and recovery
  • Personalized memorial space flight urn
  • Memorial photo and video of the rocket launch and other launch day activities
  • Launch day support to include transportation to and from the Spaceport to facilitate space flight viewing
  • Customized memorial gathering held at launch site on day of launch
  • Biography and photo of your loved one on Heavenly Journeys memorial web page
  • Final disposition of cremated remains in space OR
  • Round trip space flight of cremated remains

Optional Services:

  • Preplanned Option
  • Customized Personal Travel Services

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